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Telecom Expense Management

Telecom Expense Management

What is TEM?

Telecom Expense Management Services by Trusted Business Advisors is unique as we cover all of the major assets of all services, all providers and all of your locations.

We specialize in Businesses that spend between $3 Million and $500 Million in annual Telecom Spend. This consists of Wireline, Data, and Wireless/Mobility services.

Our Partner supplies reporting to our customers for Inventory, Service Desk, Single invoice, and Optimization.

Telecommunications Expense Management (TEM) is the methodology by which organizations can best manage one of their most critical strategic assets: the telecom network.

TEM encompasses the technology, processes, policy, and people needed. On the technology side, there needs to be a software platform to help inventory your Telecom assets (e.g., circuits, services, equipment, locations, invoices, accounts), enforce business processes (e.g., ordering, approving, problem resolution), and manage access to critical Telecommunications infrastructure information. The processes are all the business rules, which govern how the network will be deployed, managed, and eventually dismantled or converted. The policy is the corporate buy in and ultimately the enforcement of the processes that will ensure the integrity of the TEM solution. The people are the experts in networking and telecom that follow the methodologies and use the software to deploy, manage, and decommission the telecom network.

TEM brings together silos of technology, data, and people into one centralized and collaborative ecosystem where all the participants are interlinked and ultimately different systems can talk together: ordering talks to inventory, inventory talks to billing, ticketing talks to inventory, network management talks to inventory, network management talks to contract SLAs, etc. TEM also brings a standardized set of best practice repeatable processes to the organization using it. All order and invoice processing should happen the same way across the entire organization after TEM is deployed.
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