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Information and communication convergence could mean savings for businesses

By Jenny.Wallace, Jan 5, 2016 9:30:00 AM
As originally appearing in Asentinel

As information technology and communication technology join forces, new structures of pricing and communications will change the way that businesses speak to each other. According to No Jitter, the next chapter of communication technology involves the cloud. Businesses will utilize voice transmission, video conferencing and other high-data services in order to provide advanced services that will further require on emphasis on telecom expense management services. As of now, telecom expense management is about understanding inefficiencies in structure: optimizing network assets, ensuring cost and asset visibility and streamlining processes. But TEM could also easily be about finding new ways of communicating and understanding the how workers speaking to each other can hinder or help a business.

As more businesses struggle with the utility and perils of the new wave of communication, including, as InformationWeek pointed out recently, hospitals, companies will have to find ways to allow employees to transfer information swiftly and securely. Gone are the days when it was merely important to have a way to get a file to someone. In the digital age, all content that is sent – even between employees at any firm that deals with sensitive information – needs to have the appropriate electronic safeguards or risk a breach of trust. Confidentiality has never been so important or harder to obtain.

The medical profession’s reliance on texting for quick bursts of information showcases that modern businesses’ need to be able to get information between employees swiftly in order for any telecom expense management solution to work. This means that understanding not only what lines of access are being used, but how they are being used is crucial to maintaining a quick flow of information between workers. Not just understanding what needs to go, but what needs to be given priority. In this way the introduction of the larger technology firms will be a blessing for communications.

A future of big data
The rise of telecom expense management solutions generated by business intelligence analysts is here. In the next couple years, groups may even see data collected on communication between workers. This information will be used to identify and understand what kinds of communication makes for productive, long-lasting decisions, and what fails to achieve results. Not only will there be an understanding of where to send information, but how, when and why to send information to people in the company. That will be the change that revolutionizes information management.

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